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Frequently Asked Questions for Super Y League

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who will Coach the Teams?
A1. We will look to assign a coach either from the Rush WI Select Staff, AC TOROS, or another of our qualified and experienced staff coaches who are able to commit to the program during the summer months. We will ensure that each coach involved in the program provide a good experience for our players and families.

Q2. What if the season is shutdown for COVID19?
A2. We ran into the same problem in 2020, and still played a full season and trained through the summer. However, if it’s a complete shutdown, we will credit or refund families based on any expenses we did not incur.  Unfortunately this is always at the whim of the league and facility rentals.  If they give us a full refund, we will too. If it’s a credit, then we will offer a credit.   What we can control is the coaching expenses and if we don't practice or play, then all refunds will be made.

Q3. What are the travel requirements?
A3. Super Y offers leagues throughout the Midwest in a bid to win your division and attend Nationals in Florida in December.  We will know more about the specific teams’ schedules after the scheduling meeting in early spring. The makeup of the leagues really does differ. Games sites could include southern WI, Indiana, Michigan, or as far as Toledo, Ohio. Host sites are selected to minimize travel. Teams may play up to two games in a day at a neutral site.

Q4. When do Trainings and Games start?
A5. Training will start for all teams the week of June 20th . Some teams may start training a week earlier based on the completion of their spring season and the date of their first game. Trainings will finish the last week of July. We are aware that some teams may still have Club obligations for the regional and national play, or tryouts for the 2022/23 season. We will work with these groups to schedule Super Y training around their Club obligations. Game schedules are generally worked out by the middle of May, but families will have the list of blackout dates before that, so they can plan family travel accordingly. Trainings will take place between Racine and Kenosha, WI.

Q5. How many will be on the roster?
A5. We would like to form teams with rosters of 18 players for (u13-19) and 14 for (u12). This will provide coverage if players miss due to “summer” conflicts or family vacations. Having a full roster of players helps create a competitive training environment and prepares the players for the challenge of games.
Q6. What are the practice requirements?
A6. Based on the selection of teams and the team make-up, we will confirm coaching assignments and training locations. There will be two team training sessions per week with your coach. Additional sessions will be scheduled to provide scrimmage opportunities and individual skill work. If there are conflicts with a player attending their designated training, or if players want to explore additional training opportunities at other locations, this will be determined by the coach of the team, who will work with the DOC.

Q7. How will playing time be allocated?
A7. All players will receive significant playing time throughout the season. Playing time may not be even, but the intention is that all team members play at least 50% of the game time when averaged across the season.

Q8. What age groups will we play?
A8. Super Y is for the 2022/2023 seasons, so this will be one year up from what players are currently playing. We anticipate fielding teams from U11-U19, note that U16/17 and U18/19 are combined age groups. Where there is strong interest, we may form two teams. We may combine younger age groups to form stronger rosters with more depth.

Q9. What uniform will we wear?
A9. We will wear the Rush shorts and a combined shirt representing both Rush WISE and AC Toros.

Q10. How do I secure my spot?
A10. Simple. Follow the steps below.
Step 1. Complete the registration form for an ID Camp by 2/21/2022 by clicking here 
Step 2. Attend an ID camp or make an alternative arrangement with Rush WISE’s Super Y Director.
Step 3. In early March, you will be contacted by Rush WISE with an offer to play or train. Confirm acceptance of the offer.
Step 4. Complete registration and submit a deposit of $125 by 3/10/2022.
Step 5. Complete payment and order uniform by 5/15/2022.

Q11. What if we only want to train during the summer and not play the league games?
A11. No problem. There will be limited spots available for “training” players. Please register for one of these spots through camp offerings.